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As part of my series on what the seduction community taught you wrong, it’s time to talk about one-night stands. At some point in time, I’m going to make these posts part of a compilation (with the first being my most recent post about phone numbers). I should have done this a long time ago, but I never thought to myself “I’ve been having success and sexual experiences with women since I was five years old, so why am I going against what has proven to work for nearly twenty years?”.

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 On Qualification
The first thing that I’d like to re-educate you on, is qualifying yourself. In the past, I’ve always kept my mouth shut when it came to details about myself. In the community, they teach you to use these displays of higher value stories and whatnot. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, when you use those DHV stories, you are qualifying yourself. And once you start doing this, you set up a dynamic where you’re proving yourself to her, just like every other schmuck. Whether it’s coming from me, or anyone else, I can literally see the attraction drop when my qualifications are put forth. Going back to when I was having many, many, one-night stands, and in a lot of my success stories, I never went out of my way to give up information about myself. Go ahead and take a look at my one-night stand stories for yourself. The less she knows about you, the more interested she becomes.

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 On Showing Interest
The next mistake is showing interest too soon. As many times as women have told me that they had sex with me because I was a challenge, I never thought that there were times when I was direct too early on. When that happens, the challenge is gone, as the woman knows that she can have you. And women want what they can’t have. This is a FACT. Again, looking at my stories of success, I almost always never showed any kind of interest. And this creates a vacuum of sorts. It constantly keeps the girl guessing. And when you keep her guessing, you keep her interested. Women always fall for men when they are unsure about his interest in them. Not to say that I don’t go direct, it’s that I don’t go direct and physically escalate until we are in a place where I know we can have sex. At which point, I escalate rapidly. If you’re a naturally attractive guy, and you remain a challenge, she will welcome your rapid advances. Again, I am basing this on my percentages of success before and after I joined the seduction community.

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 On Kino-Escalation
And this also pertains to indirect style game where they preach physically escalating early on. You simply will have a higher chance of success if you hold out on any kind of escalation (other than the occasional whisper in the ear). This sets up the “chase me” dynamic. I remember quite a few stories on my blog where I wouldn’t kiss the girls, and they would physically attack me to get some kind of physical gratification (Sex Lips, The Italian, Cornfed, etc.).

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 Negging & Gratification
They also teach you to disqualify women. Why? You can only lose in this situation. If she gets pissed off, you’re done. Over the past twenty years, I found that the best way is to simply remain non-reactive. You can’t lose. Again, this sets up the vacuum dynamic, where if you’re not giving her validation, she gets drawn into trying to over-qualify herself. In fact, this is exactly how I slept with the virgin and several other women on the same night I met them. Women crave gratification, both for who they are as a person, and their physical attractiveness. And they also crave for a man to show that he is interested in her by divulging information about himself.

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 Final Words
When you don’t do any of the aforementioned, you become incredibly sexually attractive because of the challenge you pose for them. All of a sudden, they’re thinking “Why isn’t this guy touching me?”, “Why is he not impressed with anything I tell him?”, and “Why doesn’t he feel the need to splurge information about himself to me?”…”I WANT HIM.”. Now you’re beginning to understand what I mean when I say that I trap women, and that I don’t hunt for them. Part of the process is never giving them what they want. Do so, and they become entangled in your web.

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